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6 years ago, people said “rave and drugs aren’t my thing”


6 years later, they be blowing up my fucking feed.

forever love the Xetards i partied with. they knew what good candy was lmao…fuckingme up wid these overpriced massive;s 




Everything Love

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Youre nothing but amazing. I love you.


REPOST. I would want somebody to do the same for me. Especially because its right at home and the holidays are coming up. I hope for her safe return. #findjennifernguyen

UPDATE: Shes been found!

REPOST. I would want somebody to do the same for me. Especially because its right at home and the holidays are coming up. I hope for her safe return. #findjennifernguyen


Pile of laundry i must fold. But i dont wanna fuuuuuuuuhck


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Its one thing to not be understanding and another thing to constantly give irrelevant comments and “victim threats.”

Last year when I had school, work and an actual social life I chose to focus a little more on work and social life. The result? Bad grades, pre-academic probation, another semester added on to graduation date so I can retake some classes to raise my GPA. Did I regret it? Fuck yes. How did I choose to change my ways? Stopped going to dnbs, DTSJ, study 24/7, less hours at work, etc. I have an academic planner that tells me what I need to study/do this day. I’m not naturally smart. I need to constantly study and re-read everything to get the concept. I go to advising every month just to make sure I am on track. My grades now? A’s and B’s. Why? Because I chose to put school as my priority. I chose to go on a hiatus because I felt so bad about my grades last year. I felt like I was going no where and really wanted to drop out of school. It was the worst year of my life and I needed to prove to myself that I can be better and have some sort of accomplishment. 

It also meant less time with friends. Less time going out on weekends because I’m at the library, at work or studying in advance because I have 2+ exams every week back to back. If there is no exam, there’s some sort of project that is due. My major is Biological Science for Gods sake. I guess I suck at juggling friends, work, school, boyfriend because I can’t do all four at once. I am sleep deprived and stressed everyday but I will choose school first until it’s over. I’ve never thought that I would have friends who would get mad at me during this time around for choosing school. Putting me down and making me feel like crap for not understanding my priorities. Why is this even a problem? I need people who will accept me and for what I do, thats being a good friend. I don’t need negativity and bashing comments like “don’t worry I won’t try anymore.” How am I supposed to respond to that? “Ok I won’t worry, thanks that makes me feel better”? And it’s not a one time thing. It is constantly. “Why did I bother” “Don’t worry I won’t try anymore” “Bitch can’t even spare an hour.” We text almost everyday and all of a sudden I don’t know whats going on with your life because I said I couldn’t hang out with you this week? Why couldn’t you just tell me instead of coming at me with anger about not chillin then turn things around saying you’re going through shit and I’m not there for you? We were fine this morning and you never once said there was a problem. We’ve BEEN fine. Up until now because? If you had problems you can just tell me and I will be here to listen instead of playing the victim card. 

I know I am not a bad friend. I don’t even know why I need to stress about focusing on school? A real friend would support what I do. Its not like I want to go to school. If I dont need to, I wouldn’t even give a fuck about it. I love going out and I rather do that than put school as a priority. But I can’t and if I wasn’t so stressed about this whole schooling thing, trust me I would be going out every weekend. So sorry, until the last day of Finals I have a shitload of work to do. If you can’t understand then I don’t know know what else to say. But I don’t need any negativity in my life. Goodbye.



Make-A-Wish Foundation made this kid’s dream come true. What a wonderful thing that has happened

Proud to be a San Franciscan <3

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Kill emmmm

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brother no

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